Shipping your vehicle to a new destination is a lot more convenient compared to driving it there. If you’re moving to a vacation house or a new home state, car shipping companies can help you move your car throughout states or cities if needed.  

Of course, this service will cost you money. So, how much does car shipping cost? Well, there is no definitive answer to this question. It all depends on several factors.  

The average cost of shipping a car is around $1,200. However, there are several factors that affect the price of car shipping. These factors include: 

Door-to-Door Transport 

Shipping your car directly to your house will cost more compared to shipping it to a predetermined transport area. The reason for this is that this is a more personalized shipping service.  

Oftentimes, these predetermined transport areas are located far from your house. That is why some people prefer shipping their car directly to their house. However, if your house is located near a transport area, you can save money by choosing this option. 

Time of the Year 

When it comes to the cost of your car shipping needs, the season of the year plays a big factor. For those who don’t know, a lot of people like to move around summer or spring since the weather is nice during these seasons.  

The truth is that around 65% of people around the world move during summer since it’s a lot more convenient. Thus, there is a higher demand during this season. 

You might want to move during winter or fall if you want to save money on your shipping. Shipping businesses during these seasons are low. Thus, they will offer lower rates if you choose them. 

Open Trailers vs. Enclosed Trailers 

There are two types of shipping modes to choose from. This includes enclosed trailers and open trailers. If you want to protect your car during transport, you should choose enclosed trailers. However, they are a bit more expensive compared to open trailers. 

Still, professionals recommend you choose an enclosed trailer, especially if you’ve got a luxury vehicle.  

You have probably seen an open trailer while driving on a highway. Most car dealerships transport their car on open trailers because they’re a lot cheaper. If you’re not worried about your car getting exposed to the elements, you can choose an open trailer to save money.  

Route Taken 

Keep in mind that the route factor is not the same as the distance traveled factor when it comes to shipping your car. The distance traveled factor measures the miles the trailer traveled to reach from point A to point B.  

On the other hand, the route taken is the highways or roads the trailer needs to travel to reach the destination. If the route includes highly populated areas, you should expect a lot of traffic. Thus, it affects the shipping cost and transport time.  

Other road conditions, such as physical road conditions, road construction, and weather can also influence the total cost to ship your car.  

Fortunately, most trailer drivers know which route to take to avoid traffic.